Hello There! I craft experiences for the web and mobile!

About Me

For as long as I remember, I have always been drawn to the web environment. Probably since I first experimented the web, back in ’94 (Yes, Windows 3.1 baby!) or when I first wrote my first line of code (In the old Windows 98 notepad, circa ’99). I don’t know, I’ve always had this fascination with the web and developing for it.

I take every single project with precision and care. At first, it is me the one who has to be satisfied with my work. Why would I ever deliver something that just does not suit my goals?

Well, I’ve been working professionally as a interface designer for the past five years, and in that time I’ve worked on some amazing projects with some really talented people. I’ve learned a lot along the way and I tend to amaze myself how much I’ve improved my skills from one year to another. Not just design-related skills.

Since October 2013, I joined WIT Software, one of the best and most important portuguese companies when it comes to communications and innovation in the mobile industry.

I’m part of the UI team and I’ve been working on the most challenging and most satisfying projects since then. My job is evenly split between hands-on designing great apps and websites for top-notch clients, as well as making sure that everything is pixel-perfect and get’s squeezed/tuned up to the maximum to insure the best performance.

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